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How to get an amazing beard:  Trim, cleanse, condition, style!  Use a natural beard oil, a natural beard balm, and don't be afraid to let someone trim and help you style your beard! 

Soft, luxurious, great smelling beard! This beard oil works best on longer beards rather than shorter ones and as always, works best on a damp beard versus a dry one.  Can also be used as a base conditioner, followed by our wax based natural beard balm to seal in moisture!  

Bright scent - notes of herbal mint, lemon peel, lavender & sea air

• Phthalate free Fragrance

• Made of 100% natural plant based oils

• Smooth flyaway hairs

• Conditions, softens beard

• 1 oz black glass bottle with dropper insert

• Also works great as an pre shave oil!

• Handcrafted from thoughtfully sourced ingredients

After a shower, simply shake out a few drops into your hands, rub together, and run through beard, coating the hairs from all angles. It will soak in, in a short amount of time. Works best on damp beard.

Beard oil ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, Argan oil, fragrance


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